Our Process

our process


  • walk-in any of our shops with your laundry
  • your items get weighed-in
  • load your items in your own washer.
  • move your items into your own dryer after washing
  • take out your dried clothing
  • make payment
  • your LAUNDRY DONE, go on ENJOY the rest of your DAY!

wash & fold

  • book a free pick-up service
  • your items get picked-up
  • your clothing is washed, dried & folded
  • fresh laundry delivered for free at your doorsteps!
  • meanwhile, you spend your free day however you want!


  • drop-off your items in any of our shops
  • your clothing gets washed, dried, and folded
  • you can choose to either pick-up your items or we deliver it to you
  • go and do your errands

reward card

  • pick-up a reward card from any of our shops
  • make sure to bring your reward card every time you laundry with us
  • earn 1 point per laundry day only
  • get 1 free wash load for every 10 wash loads
  • get 1 free dry load for every 10 dry loads

How can we help you?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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