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July 30, 2018 Johanna 0 Comments

Doing laundry is a total nightmare for me, especially when in Tuguegarao.

It takes me 2 days, literally, to do one cycle of laundry. From saving up water the night before up to gathering all the dried up clothes from the “sampayan”. Not to mention a backache I get from transferring the wet laundry from the wash tub to the spinner tub – it’s one heavy lifting exercise I cannot, and won’t ever, do again. Did I say I had to repeat this procedure up to 5 times? Pre-wash, wash, first rinse, 2nd rinse, 3rd rinse! And you even have to squeeze out the water first before moving them to the spinner!

Alas, came the laundry shops! Big relief, right?

Not really. You have to wait for 2 days before you can pick up your finished laundry. Meanwhile, I still had to wash some clothes myself so I can have something to wear – especially during the rainy and “bagyo” season. It is on these days that the laundry shops can only finish your laundry after 3 days! What to wear, then? I also learned that they mix clothes during the process – thus the need to tag them all one by one. I had no issues with that, initially. Then I realized, what if my clothes get washed together with someone who has body odor, or some skin disease? The shock of my life, but I had no choice. And of course, the missing clothes.

When Papa Ged’s Wash & Go Laundromat first opened shop… it felt like the angels came down with birds and trumpets.

Imagine! All laundry my concerns were wiped out! They have addressed my concerns (and I’m sure everyone’s concern) one by one. You don’t need to work up your muscles transferring laundry to the spinner in every cycle. There is absolutely no mixing of clothes – you get one machine for yourself! And most of all, my laundry is done in a jiffy. It only takes 90 minutes, and you can wear your clothes again. The best thing is, my clothes get sanitized as they are spin-dried by their machine! And if you’re a busy body, or you prefer idling your day off – they will even pick up, do your laundry, and deliver them back to you for a very minimal fee.

Amazing, right?

Life has been so easy since the emergence of this self-service laundromat. And there are so many things that set Papa Ged’s Wash and Go Laundromat above all the others: 1. Consistently great service 2. Free pick up and delivery 3. Very accommodating staff, and even Papa Ged himself 4. They have 3 branches – and you can take your pick anytime 5. They give rewards points! Free laundry after your 10th visit! So, now, I have all the weekends for myself and for my lovies – doing whatever we fancy (binge-watching K dramas mostly haha!).

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