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June 19, 2018 Johanna 3 Comments

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Papa Ged’s Wash ‘n Go Laundromat, a premier laundry service provider in Tuguegarao City, could help save your business money.

There are many great advantages of using a local laundry instead of washing your own linens. Papa Ged’s Wash ‘n Go Laundromat does not only deliver the best laundry experience in the heart of Tuguegarao City. Using our services is also a guaranteed money saver!

All businesses endeavor to have their linens, towels, and uniforms washed properly every time.  Take advantage of our professional laundry services and you will always receive clean linens without the headaches or the burden of a heavy price tag. How? Let’s look at the alternatives…

Investing in a washer and dryer.

Some businesses consider buying their own washer and dryers.  Obviously, this will cost a lot of money. Not only are they expensive but will also require ongoing service – even quality items break down sometimes – and getting them repaired is definitely not cheap. In addition, these machines require workspace that could be better used for other business purposes.

Costs of running an internal laundry.

Washers and dryers need Electricity and water to operate.  Utilities are also not cheap – and the rates are expected to always go up. Imagine the effect of these expenses when added up just to complete all your essential laundry activities. Moreover, you will need to dedicate a certain amount of staff to process, monitor and fold your linens.

Quality results and the money saver alternative!

A professional laundry like Papa Ged’s Wash ‘n Go Laundromat will always make sure that our machines are in good working condition to achieve a superior wash and dry results. The right size of equipment is provided to ensure that your linens are properly washed. Convenient and time-saving pickup and delivery service is also an option.

Now is the perfect time for you to get rid of the distraction of laundry and spend more time growing your business! Give us a call today to start your laundry service, or visit our website for more information!

Interested? Call or text 0916-213-7484; Whatsapp @ 0919-082-5921; or visit our Facebook page – DMG Laundry Equipment, Supply and Services or Papa Ged’s Wash N Go Laundromat or visit us at 35 Washington Street, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines.

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